Friends of the QueensWay Responds to One-Seat Ride to JFK Announcement & Report

January 12th, 2017

Friends of the QueensWay responds to One-Seat Ride to JFK announcement & report – Governor Cuomo’s recent announcement that thye State will look into creating a on-seat ride to JFKprompted the Regional Planning Association (RPA) to issue a re[port identyfing 5 possibilities to make that a reality, including reactivation of the RBB line. The RPA rightly points that one of the consof this option iis the loss of the QueensWay. The Friends of the QueensWay took the opportunity to respond to this news, which generated some signifcant press coverage. Check out a Politico New York article and a Queens Chronicle article, (Poltico) Read More Here; (Queens Chronicle) Read More Here