Get Involved

4 Ways You Can Help

Your support is critical to the project’s success. Here are some ways you can help make the QueensWay a reality.

1. Join the Friends of The QueensWay Community

2. Help Build Community Support

If you live in Queens Community Boards 5, 6, 9 and 10:

  • If you live in a Co-op ask the Board to write a letter of support. Write or email the Community Board with your message of support. Ask at least 5 of your neighbors to do the same
  • Attend a CB meeting and tell the members you support the QueensWay. General meetings are held every month (except July and August) and open to the public with time-slots on the agenda for residents to stand up and share their opinion on matters affecting the District.

If you have ties to local groups, organizations, civics, institution:

  • If you have an affiliation to a group, organization, or institution that you believe would be interested in the project or a presentation from our group, please reach out to us at [email protected]

If you have friends, family, colleagues or interested parties, please share our QueensWay Video with them

3. Sign Our Petition

Join thousands of QueensWay supporters urging local elected officials, the City and State of New York and other stakeholders to build the QueensWay. Please click here to add your name.

4. Contact Your Elected Officials

  • Write or email our Mayor and tell him why you support the QueensWay. 
  • If you work at or own a business that could benefit from a greenway connecting the communities of Central Queens, please send in a letter on behalf of your business explaining how this would benefit you.
  • Reach out to at least five friends and family members and tell them about the QueensWay, you can copy and past the following message:

Dear [Friend]

There is an exciting new project in Central Queens called the QueensWay, a plan to build a greenway which would add 50 acres of beautiful space for recreation and cultural programming. You can learn about it on the, and by signing up for the Friends of the QueensWay (FQW) Newsletter list, through which you will be notified of upcoming events and updates. You can also join me and thousands of Queens residents in supporting of QueensWay by signing the petition, and liking the FQW facebook page.