Elevated Access
Logan Bus Area
Currently, the Logan Bus Company leases land from the City to park buses on this particular area of the QueensWay. The specific alignment of the QueensWay in this area would be dependent upon discussions with the City and Logan Bus.
Gateway at Woodhaven Blvd.
Gateway to Myrtle Ave.
Connection to Forest Park Trails
New Bridge
Reconstructs on-site fallen bridge to provide north south connection
Improved Crossing
Forest View Crescent Parking Lot
Currently, the Forest View Crescent apartments parking lot that is leased from the City runs across the future QueensWay area. The trail would run through a portion of this site with a reconfiguration of the parking lot area with a goal of no loss of parking spaces.
Rehabilitated Bridges
Existing bridges at Union Turnpike connected to increase park space and improve crossing experience.
Yellowstone Entrance
Multi-Function Sports Space
Fitness Zone
Adjacent to Pavilion
Shaded Bleacher Seating
Recreational Lawn
Provides area for active and passive recreation activities.
New play area adds to the program at the Glendale Little League Fields.
Batting Cage
New location for existing batting cage and new cages added for Glendale Little League.
Rock Climbing Zone
Multipurpose Seating
Adventure Playground
Combines elements of nature and play to give children a play experience that is unique to the location.
Landscape Bleachers
Recreational Lawn
Adjacent to Ballfield
Activity Space for Local Schools
Green Infrastructure Demonstrations
Green infrastructure is featured throughout the site as an integrated element that can provide educational value.
Planted areas to collect stormwater runoff.
Canopy Walk
Nature Learning Signage
Signage components aid visitors and students in plant identification.
Outdoor Classrooms
Planted areas to collect stormwater runoff.
Educational Planting
BBQ + Picnic Area
Picnic and BBQ spaces grant Little League teams, school groups, and community members areas to gather and enjoy food.
Planted areas to collect stormwater runoff.
Planted areas to collect stormwater runoff.
Habitat Wetland
Adaptive Reuse Substation for Cultural Facility
Connection Between Jamaica Ave. and the QueensWay
Potential Space for Street Fair
Covered Recreation + Event Space
Trestle Restoration
Viewing Platforms
Adaptable Viaduct Space
Cultural Events and Performance Space
Underpass Gathering Space
Located under Park Road Bridge. Small plaza space is provided beneath underpass for cultural and education activities.
Flexible Use Pavilion
Group Exercise Path
Temporary Use Space
Adjacent parking areas can be transformed into farmers markets when not in use
North Passage
Generous buffers provide privacy and security for neighboring residents.
South Passage
Generous buffers provide privacy and security for neighboring residents.
Event & Safety Lighting
Lighting along the QueensWay reflects the needs of the context and program.
ADA Accessible Ramp
ADA Accessible Ramp
ADA Accessible Ramp
Restroom + Maintenance Facility
Restroom + Maintenance Facility
Access Point
Union Turnpike
Access Point
Myrtle Ave.
Access Point
Union Turnpike
Access Point
Connection to Forest Park Drive (Part of Brooklyn Queens Greenway)
Access Point
Burns St.
Access Point
Dartmouth St.
Access Point
Fleet St.
Access Point
Liberty Ave.
Access Point
Metropolitan Ave.
Access Point
Park Road (Bridge Crosses Over QueensWay)
Access Point
Victory Field
Access Point
Glendale Ballfield
Access Point
73rd Ave.
Exercise (Bike and Running Opportunities)
Space for Gatherings
Bike Connection to Subways
Security and Privacy for Nearby Homes
Off-Street Commuting Routes
Space for Gardening
Difficult Access Across Woodhaven
Maintenance, Lighting of Park Space
Food and Programs at Forest Park
Lack of Connection: Victory Field to Forest Park
Improved Sense of Park Safety
Reduce Parking with Bike/Walk Access
Improved Gateway to Forest Park
Safe Routes to Schools
Better Access to Forest Park
Improved Access to Local Parks
Outdoor Gathering Space
Partnership with Local Schools
Easy Connections to Local Shops
Exciting Connection to Ballfields
Safe Bike Routes for Commuting
Activity Space for Youth and Families
Gathering spaces for school groups or performances provide amphitheater seating and are pulled away from the activity of the path.
Maintenance of Open Spaces
Space for Events and Gatherings
Nature Learning Opportunities