Neighbors and Friends: Why We Support the QueensWay

August 27th, 2013

Since our effort began, thousands of Queens residents have joined the QueensWay cause.  Below are a couple of quotes in response to the selection of the QW consultant team. Tell us why you support the QW by emailing your story to [email protected]

Andrea Crawford: (Kew Gardens Resident, Vice Chair of Queens Community Board 9 and Member of the Friends of the QueensWay Steering Committee): “The QW will bring easy access to greenspace in our increasingly dense neighborhood. Imagine popping off in Forest Hills and visiting the shops and restaurants on Austin Street, or having access to diversity of retail and food offerings in the culturally rich neighborhoods of Richmond Hill and Ozone Park. Increases in asthma rates in our cities demonstrates the unequivocal need for accessibility to parks.  Excessive flooding in central queens emphasizes the need to develop sustainable greenspace to help move groundwater out of the streets and safely into water management systems.”

Laine Metz: “Fifteen years ago, when my sons attended elementary and middle School on the other side of Woodhaven Boulevard  I dreamed how they could one day walk down the restored railway leading them to the Woodhaven Blvd underpass, [rather than] crossing eight lanes traffic.
When we heard about QueensWay some years ago we were happy to realize that there are people who thinking… about having it cleaned and open to the public.  The Queensway will open so many possibilities to move around neighborhood. Residents from the Metropolitan Avenue area can use this way to come to stores and restaurant area near Stop and Shop. It will also connect with Home Depot and surrounding stores. This south side will also open a direct pedestrian path to the J-train instead of walking along Woodhaven Blvd or taking the bus.  I have tried many times to walk with my dog on the old rail-tracks in Forest Park. It is possible in some places, but other areas are choked with fallen trees, branches or simply garbage.”

Anandi Premlall: (Ozone Park Resident and Member of the Friends of the QueensWay Steering Committee): “[the QW] allows anyone, regardless of income, to enjoy the fitness and safer biking, walking options. Parents of children attending schools along the ‘Way will be thrilled to have opportunities to exercise and a way to get their kids to school without worrying about morning car traffic.”

Lou Richman: (Forest Hills): “The proposed conversion of the abandoned LIRR into a linear park that will unite the diverse communities of central Queens with a vital recreational, cultural and economic artery is a thrilling prospect.”

Jack Friedman: (Executive Director, Queens Chamber of Commerce), “The Queens Chamber of Commerce is thrilled about today’s announcement on the launch of the feasibility and planning study for the QueensWay and commend the Friends of the QueensWay and The Trust for Public Land for reaching this important milestone. We are proud supporters of this effort and believe, when completed, the QueensWay will provide a much-needed boost to the Queens economy and its diverse local businesses.”

Jennifer Hensley: (Executive Director, Association for a Better New York): “Association for a Better New York (ABNY) is delighted by today’s announcement regarding the start of the feasibility and planning study for the QueensWay. New York City’s greatness is defined by its unique experiences and opportunities and there is no doubt that the QueensWay will be just that for many generations to come. We commend Governor Cuomo and the Regional Economic Development Council for its prudent investment in this planning effort.”