Fleet Street to Metropolitan Avenue

The North Passage will provide separate paths for biking and walking within a woodland context, including planted and fenced buffers at the edges of the former right-of-way to provide privacy. A gathering space at Yellowstone Boulevard will have a small playground with both ramp and stair access.


  • Locally-focused, quiet, natural paths, limited access points
  • Potential Features + Amenities
  • Quiet, forest
  • Paths for walking, hiking, biking
  • Picnic/light activity space at north-west Yellowstone Blvd
  • Partnership/garden steward with Eden Project
  • Nature walk signage
  • Iconic bridge overpass at Yellowstone Blvd. with bright plantings
  • Access point at Nansen Street

Potential Partnerships

  • Eden Project Community Garden

Ecological/Green Infrastructure Features

  • Nature walk signage
  • Bright plantings at bridges

Existing Conditions

Concepts for the QueensWay

There is City-owned land adjacent to the QueensWay bridge by Yellowstone Boulevard (and across the street from the Project Eden community garden) that can provide space for swings, seating, and access to the QueensWay via a ramp and stairs.