Fleet Street to Metropolitan Avenue

The North Passage will provide separate paths for biking and walking within a woodland context, including planted and fenced buffers at the edges of the former right-of-way to provide privacy. A gathering space at Yellowstone Boulevard will have a small playground with both ramp and stair access.


  • Locally-focused, quiet, natural paths, limited access points
  • Potential Features + Amenities
  • Quiet, forest
  • Paths for walking, hiking, biking
  • Picnic/light activity space at north-west Yellowstone Blvd
  • Partnership/garden steward with Eden Project
  • Nature walk signage
  • Iconic bridge overpass at Yellowstone Blvd. with bright plantings
  • Access point at Nansen Street

Potential Partnerships

  • Eden Project Community Garden

Ecological/Green Infrastructure Features

  • Nature walk signage
  • Bright plantings at bridges

Existing Conditions